Paul's new food

The new food arrived just in time for the cat's evening meal on the afternoon of the second day after the order was placed. As we all know, cats love boxes, and so did my Paul and was on hand to open them.

The smell coming from the inside was very interesting. I didn't even get round to reading all the enclosed information and opened the first power pot. I put a full spoonful into Paul's food bowl on one side and a spoonful of the previous food on the other.

Paul's reaction was amazing. He stopped for a moment and then happily ate only the food from the power pot, neatly separated from the rest in the bowl ... I could confidently "throw it in the bin".

After he immediately accepted everything enthusiastically, including the remaining samples from the taster pack, and this morning his bowl was immediately empty, I decided not to make a slow transition.

This is what our first acquaintance with "Anifit" looked like.

With the help of Anifit, Paul will hopefully soon regain his original normal weight, because a little over 10kg is definitely too much, even though he is a giant in stature.

Not forgetting our heartfelt thanks to the very nice customer advisor, Mrs Forkel, for her helpful tips and her friendly welcome as a new customer.

Anina and Paul from Ammersee

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