Lola loves Picco Train

My Jack Russell dog Lola is always happy when we equip the sniffer carpet and she can work with her nose: Especially in rainy weather, this is a welcome "indoor activity" for a spirited dog who likes to have 2 horsepower more than the other family members.
With Picco Train, we have found the perfect treat for this and can also use it very well outdoors. Lola loves it when we throw some of them into the garden and she can work through the meadow.
Picco Trains are also ideal for filling so-called intelligence games and as treats at the dog training centre and on walks, because their size means that they can be taken without the need for time-consuming chewing, even without interrupting the exercise.
Picco Trains also fit in every trouser pocket and do not crumble 😉
The smell is pleasant and gives a good indication of the ingredients. No sugar has been hidden, which is extremely important for us, because Lola used to be a rather compact girl who has regained her top form thanks to the healthy change in diet with Anifit.
The Picco Trains have the shape of a small fish, which also brings a smile to my face as a user, and consist of 80% fresh and gently cooked fish (salmon, trout, white fish) and 20% potatoes (potatoes and sweet potatoes)
They are free from preservatives, colourings and flavour enhancers - pure nature!
At a price of €8.40, the 500g bag of treats is a cost-effective monthly ration for us, especially when you think about how much money and packaging waste I used to have!
Incidentally, Lola had vomited very often when eating fish from other manufacturers in her wet food, so we actually withheld any fish from her bowl - Picco Train was our first attempt to try fish again; also because the omega 3+6 fatty acids are very important. Schäfer's Pfanne and Witwe Boltes Schrecken are now her favourites.
Author: Simone Reich with Jack Russel dog Lola

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