Spike is doing much better with the carrot flakes

Hello dear ANIfit team,

My French. Bulldog Spike and I would like to thank you very much, as you offer a super high-quality food and this can be individually supplemented with e.g. carrot flakes. We would therefore like to tell you briefly about our experiences.

Since we came across your food by chance on the Internet, Spike's constant diarrhoea has finally come to an end. We had previously tried all the different varieties at a large and well-known pet shop. However, it never really got better. We put together carrot mash with bananas and grated apple from time to time to curb the diarrhoea, but as soon as we returned to normal food, the game started all over again. We started with the well put together taster pack from ANIfit and now regularly order Gockel's Duett, Thanksgiving Day, Falscher Hase, Zum Goldenen Ochsen, Schäfer's Pfanne and carrot flakes to mix in. Spike is really keen on the food and finishes eating it very quickly, despite having an anti-snacking habit. The carrot flakes have a lovely orange colour and are not as pale as those from some other suppliers. Furthermore, the bag of carrot flakes is not permeable to light and is resealable, which ensures that the flakes stay fresh for a long time after opening. Also worth mentioning are the delicious Picco Tabs dog biscuits and Picco Train training treats. These are ideal for in-between meals and guarantee promising and, above all, tasty training ;-) Thanks again to the ANIfit team, keep up the good work, you and your products are simply TOOOPP.

Best regards

Spike and Dirk

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