Lizzy loves Picco Train

We received Picco Train in our taster pack.
Our 15-year-old retriever-mix lady Lizzy loved it straight away. That's not always easy with this spoilt lady. :-)
Picco Train in the trial pack was virtually "inhaled". It was tested in a sniffer toy and the covers really flew off.
The odour is pleasant for a dog treat.

We are still a relatively new customer of Anifit products, but are already enthusiastic, not only about Picco Train, but also about the other products we have tested so far, such as the main food Gockels Duett, Witwe Boltes Schrecken, False Hare, etc.

We were looking for a high-quality food without additives, as our dog had an emergency operation with a purulent uterus at her age and was very weak and lacking in appetite afterwards.
After we first had to give her a syringe to get her back on her feet, we then came across Anifit.
She is now finally eating this food on her own again with enthusiasm. The "output" is also good and has a good consistency.
There is no sign of digestive problems. We will continue to try out the range.
We will probably try a build-up preparation next.


Lars and Nicole from Oedt on the Lower Rhine

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